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Check on some of the products that will not only result in better quality but will improve your bottom line


Solutions for the Powder Coating Industry

POLIFLUID® produces inert, stable, anhydrous, clean and perfect gas to apply the powders, which are highly predisposed to absorb contaminants

Visibly better finishing, powder reaching the most difficult areas, colour uniformity and savings of coating materials are only some of the many advantages which allow end users to apply powder coatings with excellent results, without the need to make expensive modifications or replacement of existing coating equipment.


Solutions for the Wet Paint Industry

Nitrotherm provides significant savings of coating materials, reduction of overspray and rebounding paint and a cleaner environment.

Nitrotherm Spray gives unprecedented control over the coating process and very high quality results. Nitrotherm Spray generates significant savings of coating materials


The Nitrogen Advantage


Savings from 8 to 20% of coating materials.
Improved transfer efficiency of powder coating.
Improved yield.


Higher fluidity of powder leading to better penetration in difficult areas (corners or edges).
Reduction of the Faraday Cage effect.
Reduced spraying pressure.


Uniform thickness and colour with excellent appearance.
Better coverage and penetration.
Reduced orange peel effect and frame effect.
Elimination of micro air bubbles


Better working environment conditions.
Increased safety level in terms of fire prevention.
Less stress for workers due to constant and repeatable conditions of application

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