The patented NITROTHERM® Spray system is a revolution in coating application technology. By introducing fundamental principles and application control, unavailable with normal compressed air, NITROTHERM® Spray system gives users unprecedented control over, and results from, the coating process

Benefits of Using NITROTHERM® Spray system

NITROTHERM® Spray system concentrates the nitrogen contained in compressed air through the principle of elective permeation and uses it as a fluid carrier. The temperature control of the fluid carrier and the positive or negative ionization further enhance the inherent performance advantages of the system.

NITROTHERM® Spray system produces inert, anhydrous and clean fluid carrier and enables constant humidity and temperature values: two previously uncontrolled variables. The application conditions can therefore be controlled and consistent all day long and through all seasons.

NITROTHERM® Spray system generates significant savings of coating materials, reduction of overspray and rebounding paint, cleaner working environment, improvements in finish and reduction in application time The Return on Investment (ROI) has been calculated to be from 6 to 8 months on average

NITROTHERM® Spray system is installed between the air compressor and the spray booth. It doesn’t replace users’ existing equipment but operates with it for the application cycles, feeding:

  • Pressure feed tanks and cups.
  • Diaphragm or pneumatic pump systems
  • Electrostatic spray guns
  • High speed rotary atomisers (e.g Rotary Bell)

How does NITROTHERM® Spray system saves time and money

Find the NITROTHERM® Spray system is available in many sizes

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